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Area Rug Cleaning Made Easy

Area rugs are notoriously difficult to clean. You could vacuum them, you could try to scrub them, but often, the dirt and grime gets embedded in the fibers. If you’re tired of lackluster cleaning, don’t get rid of your rugs, call in a professional to help you clean things up with ease. Believe it or not, area rug cleaning can be made simple, by getting a professional to assist you.
Area Rug CleaningArea Rug Cleaning

The Problem With Area Rug Cleaning

First and foremost, you should know that area rugs are made completely different than traditional carpeting. Traditional carpeting is made to take a beating. It’s made for people to walk, run, and lay on. It can be vacuumed, cleaned, and take serious abuse, and still bounce back.

Area rugs aren’t meant to take the same kind of abuse. They are also made with intricate elements in the weave. Even “cheap” options have a different skill set that is woven into them. It’s for that simple reason that you may find it problematic to clean on your own. DIY cleaning options don’t work with these as well as your regular carpeting, which is why you need a helping hand.

Oriental Rug CleaningOriental Rug Cleaning

Cleaning Area Rugs Properly

When you call Oxymagic Cleaning Pros, you’re going to be have the upper hand against area rugs. We specialize in cleaning these with precision, and powerful oxygen based cleaning supplies. We can get pet stains, odors, and much more out of the area rugs that you have. Not only that, we have years of experience in cleaning high end and even inexpensive rugs of all types.

Instead of trying to fight the dirt, grime, and embedded issues in your rugs, let us take over, and see how a little precision cleaning could change everything. We can bring carpeting and rugs new life with specialized focus, and cleaning supplies you will not find in stores.

Rug Cleaning ExpertsRug Cleaning Experts

Let Us Show You The Magic of Rug Cleaning

When it comes to area rug cleaning, it’s best to call in a professional. With that in mind, give us a call and let us show you why we are so good at cleaning rugs. We offer great customer service, free quotes, and guarantees that you cannot get anywhere else.

Call 941-955-4699 and let one of our friendly service people assess your area rugs, and find a solution that will no doubt make them look brand new again.

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